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Conventional war has changed. A combination of international resolutions and public sentiment makes boots on the ground less and less likely. Reaction time is key, opportune targets disappear as quickly as they first present themselves. Military forces must be fast and flexible... and so must their suppliers. 

Lola is perhaps best known for its formidable heritage as a racing car manufacturer, however, in addition to Lola’s impeccable racing record, the company has broadened its new technology and testing offering to other sectors- including defence.

Lola’s Commerical Director, Paul Jackson is quite sure that the company’s racing experience gives Lola a competitive advantage within the defence industry:

“The race track is a demanding environment. Cutting-edge technology, meticulous specifications and tight timeframes. We are used to the pressure and know how to deliver on time, every time. As a result, we’ve never been busier.”

Lola is currently working on orders for the Pentagon and MoD, including the desing and manufacture of the prestigious WK450 UAV, the Mantis UAS (Unmanned Autonomous System) and the Voodoo UAV.

“If you want the edge, you want Lola. That seems to be what our customers are saying. We’re very proud of this reputation – and of course we’re working especially hard to maintain it.” Says Paul Jackson


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