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Capabilities: 7 Post Test Rig

The Lola 7-post test rig brings professional-standard vehicle dynamics development to every level of motorsport. It’s a surprisingly easy-to-use and affordable resource delivering excellent value and results compared to the expense and variability of track testing. Racers from club and historic to national and international professional series can enjoy enhanced performance and faster lap times thanks to optimised suspension settings combined with more consistent and predictable handling. Lola’s extensive design, engineering, and manufacturing resources are also available for clients seeking design improvements.

Lola’s friendly and accessible technical staff can offer independent advice on dampers, springs, and other components, whilst clients can also test with their own engineers.

Lola is pleased to offer highly competitive rates along with a range of incentives for customers committing to test rig sessions immediately.

Flat rate for minimum half-day session (4 hours) with additional time charged hourly

  • Discounted hourly rates available for any second and subsequent day(s)
  • Discounts for first car in a championship or first example of a specific make and model
  • Group discounts quoted for car clubs, one-make series, etc based on number of cars

Lola Test Rig Specifications

Technical Data

- Maximum/minimum wheelbase 4000mm/1250mm
- Maximum/minimum track 2500mm/1000mm
- Minimum spacing of front aerodynamic loaders 790mm
- Optimum spacing of front aerodynamic loaders 1000mm
- Minimum spacing of aerodynamic loader and transducer 120mm
- Minimum spacing of aerodynamic loader and wheelpan 120mm
- Aerodynamic loader spherical joint size M20 x 16mm wide


• Dynamic torsional load testing of complete car
• Evaluation of component stiffness and lifing
• Waveform sweeps for spring/damper/tyre frequency interactions
• Measurement of dynamic and static weight transfer effects
• Evaluation of pitch and heave ride height sensitivity
• Circuit data simulation of mechanical and tyre/damper set-up changes
• Circuit data simulation of aerodynamic set-up changes (in conjunction with wind tunnel)
• Development of ‘roll-out’ chassis set-ups without historical circuit data
• Replay of recorded circuit runs with enhanced data analysis

Actuator System

The rig’s seven hydraulic actuators include one for each wheel plus three additional units (two front and one rear) simulating aerodynamic loads. The maximum acceleration of each wheel actuator is 2 metres/second2 over 150 millimetres of travel. All actuators are equipped with sensors for acceleration, travel, and load.

Lola Test Rig Services

Structural Testing

• Car wheels positioned on individual pans with chassis restrained to surface table
• Wheel pans raised to stress suspension up to maximum expected loading
• Simple load-versus-deflection plots used to show structural integrity and performance of suspension arms plus springs, dampers, torsion bars, anti-roll bars, and
bump rubbers
• Influence on corner weights throughout load range also recorded

Dynamic Testing

• 4-post mode aerodynamic simulation via constant-rate force application using tensators
• Full 7-post mode offers fixed or variable aerodynamic load testing with aero mapping
• Track replay requires access to professional team engineers and budget

Scaleable Service

• All services can be used by any team subject to availability
• Menu indicates suggested bundling of services for teams competing at different levels

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