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Motorsport: Design & Engineering

Composite design is performed by a dedicated staff relying on top-of-the-line CATIA software and CAD/CAM workstations. From surfacing and finite element analysis (FEA) through to rapid prototyping and tooling production, Lola has developed one of the composite industry’s most highly-automated processes. The system is also used by Lola’s transmission group to optimize gearbox casing design for each project.

Lola has amassed more than two decades of experience in the use of carbon-fibre composite materials to produce ultra-light and stiff structures. Lola’s in-house composites arm can call on five standard or large-scale autoclaves, flexible tooling equipment, and programmable cutting tables. Rigorous inspection and testing procedures are employed throughout the production process. Add the final element of craftsmanship provided by Lola’s seasoned staff, and the result is high-quality products with world-beating performance.


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