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Lola And The Voodoo Aerial Target

The Voodoo is a high performance, propeller driven Aerial Target, capable of sustained airspeeds of over 300 Knots, at all operational altitudes between 16ft and 20,000 ft. With an endurance in excess of 2 hours, and an ability to carry a range of proven mission specific augmentation devices up to distances of more than 100 Km, Voodoo provides a realistic and affordable alternative to more expensive jet powered targets.

A team of engineers at Lola Composites, the composite arm of world renowned racing car constructor – Lola, have liased closely with members of Meggitt’s design team, to turn the design in to a productionised aircraft that would have a good repeatability on design.

Lola Composites Commercial Manager, Paul Jackson explained: “The main aspects of the design that we looked at downscaling the part count of the aircraft and reducing the weight. We also wanted to enable an identical build for the future and also to have off the shelf parts.”

“The main fuselage is 2 piece carbon composite and the main part has a removable top portion with a V-tail still attached. The parachute bay is integrated and the only add-ons are the wings, which are assembled together for complete span. It is powered by a 3 cylinder engine which powers the UAV up to 300 knots.”

Giving confidence to customers, who have been asking for a target that is capable of speeds in excess of 300-330 kts and able to carry all of the necessary payloads, be catapult launched and be more cost effective and versatile than booster launched expensive jet targets.

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